New Technologies

      The Helmholtz-Allianz for Astroparticle Physics (HAP) considers the development of novel detector technologies as a major task for the successful design and operation of future large scale detectors for the field. It is important to support and structure innovative research and development strategies to improve highly specialized detection techniques and use them at observatories around the world.

        Areas under special consideration of the alliance are

        • radio detection of air showers
        • microwave detection of high energy cosmic rays
        • detection of high energy neutrinos by radio or acoustic emission
        • Cherenkov arrays for air showers and high energy gammas
        • air shower observation from space
        • detectors for low energy neutrinos
        • dark matter detectors
        • multichannel readout systems
        • advancements of PMT development

          DESY is involved in parts of this program within the high- and low energy extension projects of IceCube (Acoustic, PINGU), CTA, TUNKA and HISCORE.